Greystone Recreation Center

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7713 Lead Mine Road

So Greystone Rec Center has a free indoor playground of what I like to call non-traditional playground equipment. Similar to Leesville Park, Abbotts Creek Park and Waverly Place. I took this pic a little after 12:00, aka nap time ghost town hour.

The weather was also nice today, so it was not very crowded. But a rainy or cold day and this place can pretty crazy FAST. Overall it’s fairly small.

My daughter (age 4) LOVES the “river” that goes through it and it is the source of much pretend play. The double doors go to the Magnolia dance studio where my daughter is taking ballet. More on that in another review.

SO, bottom line is should you go, right?

My kids get kinda freaked out by crowds. So they don’t really function well here on a cold or rainy day. If you are looking for an indoor play space it’s worth a try. It’s in a shopping center that houses Food lion and a couple small restaurants. So perhaps you can get a bite to eat or grab groceries in one stop. I love anytime I don’t have to buckle my children in to their car seats multiple times in a day.

Seriously, getting 2 kids in a car seat is like training for a triathlon some days.

Here’s the scoop:


  • Indoors. And Free
  • Rubber surface
  • No sand boxes or swings. I know some of you try to avoid these when you can!
  • Bathrooms are close by and clean. Changing table available. Like they are right there. You can stand in the doorway and keep an eye on one kid using the potty and another on the playground.
  • Clean
  • Nice murals on the wall.
  • Benches are along the wall and snacks permitted.
  • Vending machines in facility. Although this is potentially a con if your kiddo spies some M&Ms.


  • When weather is bad it’s busy. Not surprisingly
  • Relatively small space
  • It’s not great for younger toddlers. The climbing equipment is fairly complex and sometimes my 4 year old needs help.