Abbott’s Creek Park

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9950 Durant Road

Abbotts Creek Community center opened in 2015 and is home to this neat little playground. It is primarily climbing structures, so it is similar to the indoor facility at Greystone community center and Leesville Park. However, unlike Greystone and Leesville playgrounds, Abbotts Creek includes swings (2 infant and 2 belt) and 2 slides.

A playground of climbing structures with a couple of traditional playground elements.

Another unique item on toddler section:

Yep, that is large marbles (remember playing with those ask kids?) that are immovable from the larger structure. I know because my little boy spent a good bit of time trying. and spinning them. He also liked the toddler slide (see above) and was able to manage it without my assistance.

Entry to the slide on the older children’s side is a bit of a challenge:


But it was manageable for my 3 year old.


  • This playground is fully fenced in with 2 magnetic gates
  • Most of the structures are covered by sun shades. The swings are not, however.
  • Rubberized surface. Per the results of the poll on my facebook page, this is the #1 favorite type of surface of parents!
  • A combination of climbing and traditional playground elements.
  • Enough things for younger toddlers to do
  • Bathrooms and a changing table inside at the community center.


  • fairly small, so I imagine it could get crowded pretty quick if it was busy.
  • Older toddlers will certainly try things on the older children’s section, some of which are pretty challenging.

Have you been? Let me know your thoughts!!