Lake Lynn Playground

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7921 Ray Road

Lake Lynn playground is located just behind Lake Lynn community center off of Ray road. This playground is within walking distance of our home, so  we’ve spent a good bit of time there.

They have 2 different areas, a 2-5 year old and 5-12 year old playgrounds.

Both are wood chip surfaces.

The toddler playground is pretty nice, probably one of our favorites:


It’s pretty low to the ground, which is nice for young toddlers to explore. They also have 2 baby swings. This structure also has a ramp entry for those little ones who have difficulty with stairs.

I don’t know where they got these ride on structures, but they seem kind of vintage to me since they are made of metal. My 3 year old enjoys them.


They also have a monkey bar/rock climbing structure which is fun for older toddlers. My 3 year old finds it challenging but not (too) frustrating. It’s too high for my 18 month old…and that’s a good thing!!


I like the older kids playground too, it is not to challenging for my 3 year old, and my 18 month old can maneuver it with some help.We inevitably end of at the big kids area of any playground.



  • Toddler area is suitable for younger toddlers (age 1-2) just learning how to use playground equipment, slides but still has plenty of things for older toddlers to do.
  • Next door to community center that has nice bathrooms. You will also pass a vending machine on the way to bathrooms (which may or may not be a good thing!!)
  • Fairly shaded during the morning hours.
  • Playground is adjacent to a green way loop around Lake Lynn, so if you are looking to squeeze a run/walk in before or after playtime you don’t have to go anywhere! It is rolling hills so it’s a pretty decent workout.
  • Lake Lynn is also home to geese, ducks and turtles. It’s just a short walk for your little one to see some wildlife.
  • Playground has 2 infant swings which is a pro for some but probably not everyone. Sometimes it is hard to get my kiddos OFF the swings.
  • Covered pavilion next to playground with picnic tables.
  • Several benches around the playground


  • Lake Lynn community center does track out camps, so sometimes school age children are outside. It can get pretty loud, but they are usually in a nearby field and not on the playground itself.

Have you been? What did you think?