Historic Oak View County Park

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2048 Carya Drive

As described by the Wake county website,  “Historic Oak View County Park is a 19th-century historic farmstead with a mission to interpret North Carolina’s agricultural heritage and rural history via educational programs, special events and exhibits.”

The park has outdoor exhibits and gardens, as well as a few trails. They also have goats, which is extremely exciting to my 3 year old. Very beautiful grounds, a nice place to just walk around and explore agricultural history. Cute, kid friendly exhibits. A great place to visit if you have a variety of ages in your group.

BUT what I really want to get to is this ADORABLE little play area they have inside!! We ran inside after being caught in a pop up summer rain shower. We found this cute little area! The kids loved it and there was nearby seating for the adults as well. I find that indoor play spaces seem to be a little more limited here and this gives you another option.

Oh, that’s free as well.

No food cafes or even vending machines that I saw, so be sure to bring in your own snacks! Stop by soon, you’ll love it.